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Our aged rum made from molasses is slowly fermented and distilled under the watchful eye of the master distiller who makes our distillation cut by taste. It is aged in a once used bourbon barrel for a minimum of one year but typically closer to three years. This results in only the best rum perfect for sipping and excellent mixed.


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Lmd white

A rum flavoured alcoholic beverage made form sugar cane and distilled to keep its smooth natural taste. Un-aged, it maintains a neutral sweet pallet. Enjoy this one in your traditional rum and cola.

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lmd Spiced

LMD’s spiced rum flavoured alcoholic beverage is derived from sugar cane and kept un-aged. It’s masterfully flavoured with spices and vanilla bean to create a perfectly sippable rum with a very nice natural sweetness. Enjoy this mixed with cola to bring out that natural vanilla bean even more or with ginger ale.