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Single Malt Barley WHISKY

This whisky was inspired by the guys at Rebellion Brewing in Regina. They were on site for the mashing and distillation. The whisky was aged for almost 4 years before we determined it was ready. The barrel was then sent to Rebellion to age in one of their awesome brews. The barrel swapping and the collaboration will continue with Rebellion returning the barrel to us and we will refill the barrel with whisky. A single malt using malted barley from Maker’s Malt House in Rosthern, SK is currently being aged. The Malted Barley will give a nice smoke flavour that is generally associated with scotch.

2019: Bronze Award from the Canadian Whisky Awards

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Made with locally sourced un-malted Rye grain. The Rye is first aged in the new 10-gallon barrels to power age, then put into used bourbon barrels for 3 – 4 years. Each barrel is hand selected. The whisky is not a blend and we're proud to say that it is not chill filtered like mass produced whiskies. The rye grain provides a unique spiciness that you'd expect from a straight Rye.

2019 & 2018: Bronze Award from the Canadian Whisky Awards

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Saskatchewan’s first single cask wheat whisky. Made with wheat from The Brewster farm in Earl Grey, SK. This is a non-blended, non-chill filtered whisky aged for at least 3 years in a once used bourbon barrel. It has been lovingly crafted by our master distiller and each barrel hand selected for its unique flavour profile or aging process. The wheat grain will give a nice sweet and smooth finish.

2019: Gold Award & 2017: Silver Award from the Canadian Whisky Awards

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This award winning whisky is made from prairie wheat. The masterfully blended 3-year whisky goes through a unique aging process that brings out the full flavours in the grain.  Each barrel is hand selected by our master distiller and blended together just perfectly to create a whisky that is uniquely mild and sippable with notes of caramel, butterscotch and vanilla.  Enjoy our whisky on the rocks!

2018, 2017 & 2015: Bronze Award from the Canadian Whisky Awards


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A 100% wheat whisky that has been aged in a once used bourbon barrel for a minimum of 3 years and then transferred to a used wine barrel from California where it is aged for 7 months. Each barrel is un-blended and non-chill filtered resulting in a whisky with amazing color and even better fruity notes. This whisky very unique and can definitely be enjoyed on its own.

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Originally launched in December 2014, our Cherry Whisky quickly became a must have for the holiday season. This is a true whisky kissed by a cherry.  We add organic prairie cherries from Over the Hill Orchards to our 3-year blended wheat whisky. Slightly sweetened to enhance the cherry flavor - keeping the whisky flavor intact and not too syrupy.  Delicious sipped or mixed with coke or in a black forest paralyzer. An instant holiday favourite!

2018: Bronze Award from the Canadian Whisky Awards